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USS Kidd ??? - General Game Discussion - World of.

USS Kidd DDG-993 was the lead ship in her class of destroyers operated by the U.S. Navy. Derived from the Spruance-class, these vessels were designed for air defense in hot weather. 16/10/2018 · so. as i own the USS KIDD myself and ive seen the ship in real life. i thought as the USS KIDD was the only ship flying the Jolly Roger Pirate flag. why didnt we get a pirate flag with the ship in the game. it would be so cool. 15/11/2017 · USS Kidd is a Fletcher-class destroyer. Players are going to expect that it plays like a Fletcher-class destroyer. This overrides any changes made to the ship to differentiate it, or shoe-horn it in at tier VIII -- people will see a Fletcher, expect a Fletcher and get Kidd instead. I think you're underestimating how debilitating only one torp launcher is for a US DD - even with Fletcher torps this ship would struggle. The Fletcher is primarily a torp boat. Try taking a launcher off a Yugumo and giving it better AA then dropping it to T8 and see what sort of ship you end up with. Then go nerf it's torps on top of that. 15/04/2017 · USS Kidd incoming Sign in to follow this. Followers 1. Im a US DD entusiast. So as much as i want USS Black. Ill settle for Kidd if its easier to get. WoWs - Classic. WoWs - Dark. WoWs - Space. Contact Us; Powered by Invision Community.

Fun for the whole family with tours at the Pirate of the Pacific, the USS Kidd. Tour our destroyer in its 1945 configuration. Tickets and more here. Alabama boasted powerful AA defenses and sophisticated surveillance systems. She had a sensible armor layout including an internal main armor belt and a solid horizontal protection. USS Alabama is now preserved as a military museum ship in Mobile, Alabama. Fletcher uses the historical camouflage of sister ship USS La Vallette DD-448 which she wore in 1942. Both ships were in Measure 12 modified camouflage, but the pattern on Fletcher was painted differently. Measure 12 modified included painted turrets, but in the game they remain unpainted. Fletcher's. I played a round with you in your Kidd while I was playing with my Khab. I greatly admired your stern while we mostly got smashed. All Kidding aside, this is probably going to be a purchase for me. I like challenging ships and I love US DDs. If you understand how to.

Help us by spreading the word. For easier, ad-free reading try using the feed linked below. 12/11/2017 · My first impression of Kidd: Pros: 1.AA Monster My Module Setting My Captain Skill If you played DD a lot, you will notice this is a normal Setting and Skill for DDs. and this is the result of first game. 013 ranger vs 220 saipan game, and I grinded 14 saipans tier 9 planes. Which means Kidd. 492 hits, I almost passed the 500 mark. The torp was a sneaky destroyer, the other a Colorado that was completely toasty. And soloed. Islands are friends. ¯\_ツ_/¯. 14/04/2017 · USS Kidd, tier 8 Fletcher class destroyer coming soon. Sign in to follow this. tier 8 Fletcher class destroyer coming soon. Language. English USA Default Deutsch. Polski. Čeština. Français. Español. Türkçe. Italiano. Theme. WoWs - White Default WoWs - Classic. WoWs - Dark. 23/05/2017 · Supremacy League auf NA macht dort etwas anderes. Die haben nicht diese Begrenzung von 2 US DDs. Da geht es nach Nationen. Ich glaub man darf nur 4 schiffe einer Nationen nehmen oder so. Die Akizuki AA ist noch etwas stärker im Full AA Spec. Vorteil der Kidd ist halt das diese viel mobiler, schneller und den besseren Smoke hat.

The USS Kidd is actually only about 2 hours away from me right now, I have been to see her several times in my life and really need to go back soon. Always wanted to own my own Fletcher after getting the chance to explore her as a kid. I guess i am one of the few who are really exited about her arrival to wows, anyone who got a clue when she will arrive? Would have thought today. 02/05/2017 · N a papierze to Hipper i Hindenburg mają takie same działa 203 mm L/60 Drh LC/34, a w praktyce wiemy jak to wygląda Już Roon ma o niebo lepsze od Hippera. Ships fielded by the United States Navy USN sport great armor albeit in an all-or-nothing design, main battery guns, and anti-aircraft AA capabilities, and are less hindered by stock configurations — many were built later and subsequently underwent fewer, less drastic upgrades unlike Imperial Japanese Navy IJN vessels such as Kongo. The USS Kidd is a Tier 8 United States Navy Fletcher class destroyer. Known as the Pirate of the Pacific in WWII, she is more of a Fletcher light in World of Warships. She is modeled in her April 1945 condition, where 51 Fletchers had there forward torpedo launchers removed in favor of more anti aircraft guns.

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06/09/2017 · Update on Tier 8 USS Kidd? Sign in to follow this. Followers 0. You need to play a total of 10 battles to post in this section. Update on Tier 8 USS Kidd? By Stegro, September 5, 2017 in General Discussions. kidd;. WoWs - White Default WoWs - Classic. WoWs - Dark. Destroyers have the smallest amounts health pools, but gain some extra protection from the fact they are the only ship class in the game that does not have a citadel. This means that with any single hit from a gun, the most damage they can receive from a single shell is a full penetrating hit for 33% of a shell's nominal maximum damage. 28/06/2017 · So this thing have alot of AA battery, but has only one quintuple torpedo tube so this is mostly a small Atlanta with MOAR DAKKA Long Range AA Guns, Mid Range AA Guns and few Short-Range AA Guns. This thing will carry unlimited Defensive AA Fire consumable like the Atlanta does Whats next? A Prem. Hell everyone, Today, World of Warships Asia Twitter has shared a few pictures of the upcoming USS Kidd. No further details for now, but I'll publish them as so. 06/11/2017 · USS Kidd’s service in World War II effectively ended when a Japanese kamikaze plane struck it off Okinawa on April 11, 1945. Its days as a warship came to a close in 1964, and the destroyer has served as a military museum in Baton Rouge for the past 34 years. In the world of online, multi-player.

  1. 21/07/2017 · So as many know USS Kidd was teased a few months back and then went into testing at least 2 months or so ago. Since then nothing has been heard of her. Was the ship cancelled ? As a US Navy ship collector I would really love to get my hands on her especially since she is.
  2. 11/11/2017 · The following is a review of USS Kidd, a ship kindly provided to me by Wargaming. This is the release version of the vessel and these stats are current as of November 9th, 2017. With historical ties to the vessels Essex, Alabama, Arizona and Black which also appear in.

Jun 14, 2017- Explore dukemorrow's board "USS KIDD DD661" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Fletcher class destroyer, Navy ships and Battleship. News rund um WoT und WoWs. April 20. WoWs: USS Kidd komplette Werte. Nun haben wir für euch die kompletten Werte der USS Kidd. Die USS Kidd befindet sich aktuell im Supertest. Bedenkt also bitte, dass diese Werte nicht endgültig sind. Verbrauchsgüter. Platz 1: Platz 2:. A Fletcher-class destroyer that has powerful anti-aircraft armament and a high speed. In 1944–1945, she was modernized to receive enhanced AA armament, due to demounting one of the two torpedo launche. 12/11/2017 · I was sure there already was a thread for the USS Kidd, but searching turns empty. Anyway, the Kidd has finally come to town, and here is Little White Mouse's review. It's a blast to read.

VIII Kidd; Port Slot; Details. 10. Benefits. Convert XP earned on Premium ships to Free XP and accelerate your progress in the game. Add a unique ship to your collection. Transfer commanders between ships of the same nation without penalty or retraining. Get fully equipped ships with no need to research additional modules. Not on Twitter? Sign up, tune into the things you care about,. Follow Follow @WoWS_Asia Following Following @WoWS_Asia Unfollow Unfollow @WoWS_Asia Blocked Blocked @WoWS_Asia Unblock Unblock @WoWS_Asia Pending Pending follow request from @WoWS_Asia Cancel. Hope this comes to the NA server love my US Navy ships. 0 replies 0 retweets 0.

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